About me

Irina? You must be Russian? No!
So who am I?
I think it is important that I introduce myself as detailed as possible (promise not too detailed) so you can understand the purpose behind this blog and to understand who I am as a person.
So the boring part – I am born on 9th of December 1990 in Tuzla, a little city in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Today I live in Odense in Denmark.

People describe me as a very positive and “always smiling” person. Often they ask me how come I am so positive about almost everything and why I am always so nice to people when I meet them. And there is a reason for that.
I came to Denmark when I was 11 years old after having experienced the harsh reality of the Bosnian war (Yugoslav war) and the los of my father when I was two years old. Therefore, when I came to Denmark I entered an entirely different world without any strong bonds or any types of human relationships. I was not able to speak the language and I strongly believed that I would never be able to learn the foreign language. It all seemed impossible and any future prospects were erased. My only concern was to get back to Bosnia as fast as I could.
However, my turning point came with the words of my stepfather. He told me how important it is to believe in yourself and fight all throughout life.

Learning Danish became my main goal. Nonetheless, school seemed just as difficult. People in class never accepted me for who I was. All up until eight grade I was bullied due to my looks and my foreign background as well as the way I carried myself.

In short, this experience has shaped me to who I am today. It has taught me that if you really want to achieve something in life you can do it. The only requirement is that you believe in yourself. Today, I do not easily step away from challenges – I face them. It has made me more humble. I never judge people based on their looks, nationality, skin color or religion. I embrace them all as human beings. In my perspective, all people have something valuable they can bring into the light. Throughout life people will lose but they will also gain. I am the living proof of this.