When nothing is sure – everything is possible

They say, ”Enjoy being without work Irina, you have 7 days of weekend” – watch some Friends for the 100th time, drink some wine whenever you want, read some good books, go out for some nice walks – all of that I know sounds great! Yeah, for a week! Then you get tired of it all. You think that when you have so much time you will be more productive… nope… not true.
I would say that as unemployed you go through different phases… or these are more my personal phases I went through before I got my job. But I think a lot of people can relate though.

Phase 1: So, so excited! The grown up life, newly graduated, no more school and you can start earning your own money, which is a ton more than what you get as a student. Fancy clothes here I come – you buy blazers, pretty shirts (already planning what to wear at your new job interview – without really having a job interview to go to yet).

Phase 2: You actually sit down, start searching and looking for what is out there. You go to different meetings and meet up with advisors that gives you advice on job hunting – read about the company, make your application different than the rest of them – yeah we all love and have passion for communication – sure! We wouldn’t have picked that study line and used 6 years of our lives on it! Then you ask yourself how am I going to be different from the rest of them? So you google around “how to write a great application?” 100 Internet sites pop up – they all have “THE best” advice on how to write an application. You take notes and start writing and use hours and hours on writing. You feel great – friends approve, tell you that your applications are great. And then you send these applications. After a week or two you receive the general e-mail reply “bla bla we have chosen someone with more experience, good luck we wish you the best” BLAH! – How am I going to get experience if you don’t give me a chance???

Phase 3: You get sad and loose motivation to look for jobs and write those stupid applications. I mean what is the point? Do they even read them??? They receive so many! Then your mind starts to wonder – will I ever get a job? Oh no there are so many of us out there. Actually all I wanted to write in those applications was “PLEASE HIRE ME!!”
I became so negative and I was letting it out on my family and friends. It is so depressing waking up and not knowing what you are going to do. I think everyone around me got tired of me stressing so much about those stupid jobs. I mean in the end we all want a job so we can have food on the table!
I lost interest in socialize with my friends, because whenever I was out there people ask questions like “How is it going? Did you find a job? Do you need any help with the applications?” – Oh God please no more stories about “how to write a great application!”

Phase 4: Anyway I got tired of my depressing phase! So I decided to take this in my own hands. Screw the applications and do it your own way! 
They anyway say that only 15% of the people who write applications get a job, the rest get a job through networking.
I started adding people on LinkedIn with marketing and HR background and I just wrote to them shortly: “My name is Irina, I have a Master of Arts in International Business Communication and I am looking for a job. I have attached my CV. Do you maybe know someone who can use someone like me?”
I was surprised how many people actually replied! Some were very nice and others replied very short. BUT that is how I landed the internship with SimplyJob.dk. They have their office in Copenhagen.
SimplyJob is an app that works like Tinder, just with jobs. It is pretty cool. Together with my two sweet colleagues Eva and Katrine we are responsible for the internal and external communication. Since it is a startup company we have a lot of responsibility and we can implement our ideas as we want and see if they work. I really like it there so far. It is going to be interesting to see where this is going to take me and where I am going to end up. It is such a good feeling to have something to wake up to every day and work with something so interesting. Even though I wake up at 5 AM in the morning and go to bed at 9PM. It is worth it though because I am learning a lot and my network is getting bigger and bigger.

BESIDES this – I am also this summer going to be a Course Leader for Education First (EF). It is pretty much my dream come true. I’ve traveled with EF myself, as an au pair and this summer I am going to be one of the staff. I am so excited.
I have been applying for couple of jobs with EF, and I have been calling them constantly since I got home from Rochester, NY. I know totally desperate – but it worked!
I am going to Oxford for two weeks from 27th of June – 17th of July.
As a Course Leader I will travel with my own group of students from Denmark. I will be responsible for them during the whole trip and make sure that everything goes well and as it should. I need to make sure no one is feeling left out, I have to be able to sense if something is wrong or if there is a student in need of my help and I need to make sure that the students are following the EF rules.
Together we will do a lot of different activities, dance at discos, go sightseeing or just hang out at the beach. I will work in an international environment where I will meet people from all over the world. My students will be between 14-17 years old and they will be studying English in Oxford. I can’t wait!
I will know more details on 27th of May where we will have the Course Leader training.

  2 comments for “When nothing is sure – everything is possible

  1. Kristina
    October 26, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Couldn’t agree more with the phases of a job search. it’s so accurately described! Thanks for sharing and inspiring for searching a job in my own way 🙂

    • Irina Meskovic
      November 19, 2017 at 5:23 pm

      Thank you Kristina 🙂 I am glad you liked it!

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